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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is Epic and Amazing

Posted on 11 December 2016 by

In the modern animation and manga industry, there are few series that are as entertaining and withstanding as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. That being said, it would seem intimidating to learn that the JoJo story spans eight arcs which have been published from 1987, till the present day. However, that is diluted by the fact that […] Continue Reading…

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The Great De-Stress Event

Posted on 08 December 2016 by

With finals week coming and hitting many students with a reality check, HCC has offered an event that lasts the whole week to assist students. For those students who are pulling their hair out, or have no more chill for this cold exam week, the library is having what is being called “The Great De-stress […] Continue Reading…

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Research For Your Research

Posted on 06 December 2016 by

The modern student is granted access to more data than any other person in history. We have access to a number of libraries and the infamous Internet. Along with avenues only accessible to students, conducting research and finding information for papers should not be too difficult. However, that isn’t always the case. For a good […] Continue Reading…

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It’s Not Just Acting. It’s Living

Posted on 22 April 2016 by

Betzabeth Castro, a theater major and writing tutor, refuses to consider any profession outside of acting. Castro is nearing the completion of her third year at Housatonic. After being a general studies major for one semester she transferred into the Theatre Arts program. Pursuing a degree in theater with great enthusiasm. Castro said, “Theater literally […] Continue Reading…

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Foreign Air in Spring

Posted on 01 April 2016 by

Would you like to visit Italy while earning three credits in a humanities course? Learn about the Italian culture and history which has shaped the country? That is what a number of students did this semester, over Spring Break, as part of their curriculum. Jamilet Ortiz is an Assistant Professor of Spanish here at HCC […] Continue Reading…