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Digital vs Physical Media

Posted on 04 May 2016 by

In the age of digital media, physical media is starting to fade out like the VHS. Yes it is easier to just download your media or stream to your device nowadays, but many people still prefer physical media. Most people feel as if  they may lose their media if they go fully digital. Physical media, […] Continue Reading…

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Summer Sun? No Thank You!

Posted on 02 May 2016 by

It’s almost summer time, but who needs to go out in that hot sun, when you can turn on the AC and play some awesome video games? As any seasoned gamer would know, big releases for the most part don’t come out in the summer. However, here are just a few games that will keep […] Continue Reading…

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PlayStation Experience 2015

Posted on 18 December 2015 by

December was a big month for Playstation Fans. On Saturday, December 5 through December 6, the Playstation Experience 2015 took place at the Moscone West in San Francisco, California. The Playstation Experience is an annual event for gamers and playstation fans alike.The event showcases games that are coming out in the future for the Playstation […] Continue Reading…

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Final Fantasy IX Review

Posted on 09 November 2015 by

Final Fantasy IX is the third and last Final Fantasy game to be released on the Sony PlayStation in 2000.  Developed and published by SquareSoft, now known as square Enix, Final Fantasy IX is good because of its plot, characters, and music. Final Fantasy IX takes place primarily on the four continents of a world […] Continue Reading…

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E-Sports Are Sports…..Get Over It

Posted on 09 November 2015 by

Do you need mental focus to perform well in a football game? What about the skill to play the game?  Well, you need these same skills to be good at video games. When you think of traditional sports, you think of football, basketball, and baseball.  Yet video games are just as competitive as sports, just […] Continue Reading…

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How Video Games Helped Me

Posted on 06 November 2015 by

Growing up in a not so good neighborhood I had all the opportunities in the world to become just another statistic: no father, an only child, and friends with gang members who wanted me to join them. But what kept me from all of that was video games. They helped me see a better future […] Continue Reading…

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Gaming Nightmare: Games You Should Play on Halloween

Posted on 30 October 2015 by

It’s Halloween time, and you know what that means, time to play some scary video games. So let’s turn the lights off and get ready to jump out of our seats. The first game students should play on Halloween is Resident Evil, or as it is known in Japan, Biohazard. This is a classic among […] Continue Reading…

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Don’t Stress, Game On

Posted on 27 April 2015 by

We all get stressed in our lives, and some people play video games to help with the stress. Can this have a negative impact on students or can it truly help them? Many people think games are just for kids, but what if they could do more? When some students are stressed with school, work, […] Continue Reading…

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Student Activities Committee Discusses Upcoming Events

Posted on 03 April 2015 by

On March 31, 2015 the Student Activates Committee held a meeting where club members discussed events that are happening and events that are still in the planning stages, including events ranging from blood donation drives to reading aloud to kids. There were 11 people who attending the meeting include both the Director of Student Activities […] Continue Reading…

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Free Resources Available In Library

Posted on 03 April 2015 by

The library can be a wonderful place…who would have thought? If you’re reading this, chances are you do not  know about the  equipment you can rent from the Media Services area, located in the back of the library. You can rent things like laptops, digital cameras, and even boom boxes. You can also rent certain […] Continue Reading…