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Housatonic’s 50th Birthday Bash

Posted on 14 September 2017 by

If there was ever a more monumental way to kick off this semester, HCC has got it down in spades. The school will be celebrating 50 years of education, excellence, and excitement by throwing a party right in our courtyard on Tuesday, September 19th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Open to both the HCC […] Continue Reading…

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Stand In Unity: HCC’s Safe Space For the LGBT Community

Posted on 11 December 2016 by

It hasn’t been the best year for whichever letter people may fall under when it comes to the LGBT community. Sure, there’s been more exposure to those who tell similar stories in the media and in real life. But with the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, as well as the campaigns to have what little […] Continue Reading…

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No, You Can’t Speak To the Manager

Posted on 07 December 2016 by

Tips on Being a Better Shopper (And Decent Human Being) The holiday season is well upon us, so now is the best time to take stock of how crappy people really are when Christmas shopping glocks them square in the teeth (and their bank accounts). Maybe you were kicking and screaming your head off about […] Continue Reading…

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I Want My TV In Color: How Social Media and Millennials are Shaping Our Regular TV Programming

Posted on 06 December 2016 by

If you found yourself noticing how many a television show in the last five years has someone who looks, talks, loves, and prays like you, it just may just be possible that Twitter fingers had a massive hand in that. This year, the roster of new comedies and dramas being released on network, cable television, […] Continue Reading…

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Can HCC Take a Joke?

Posted on 16 May 2016 by

On Monday May 9 in Beacon Hall, Housatonic offered a viewing of the documentary, “Can We Take a Joke?,” a film analyzing and pinpointing the idea and question of whether or not people can really take a joke. We have seen many instances where a comedian stomps on sensitive territory. Anything from race, to sexuality, […] Continue Reading…

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Your Turn to Intern: HCC Offers Next Steps for Students

Posted on 02 May 2016 by

Housatonic offers a range of internships for students who want to take that next step in their academic career and beyond. Training from your peers and working assistant jobs tying back to your major are just some the benefits HCC has to offer. Do not let the glamour of Hollywood portrayals like Robert DeNiro’s new […] Continue Reading…

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One Eye Open

Posted on 10 April 2016 by

I really, really love music. I love that it can be such a creative and motivational tool for all of my endeavors. I love music so much that I walk around my house and have one-man dance parties to it practically every day. It was my saving grace in high school. I was the millennial […] Continue Reading…

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Cleanup Post Winter Wonderland

Posted on 10 February 2016 by

    If Mother Nature is easy on us this year, we can expect only a few mere inches of snow. But many will tell you that inches do matter. So in the event of a good amount of snowfall, remember these cleanup tips: Bundle Up: You can never go wrong with a good knit […] Continue Reading…

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Aaaand…We’re Off!

Posted on 05 February 2016 by

Our presents have been unwrapped, the New Year’s ball has been dropped, the weather is getting warmer and our driveways are (hopefully) clear of that underwhelming snow storm. It’s official: 2016 is here, and the spring semester brings back returning and new students. Though some changes have been made between the fall and spring semesters […] Continue Reading…

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The Cartoon From Beyond Our Stars: Why You Should be Watching Steven Universe

Posted on 18 December 2015 by

In a point of our lives where the impending doom of growing up is looming over our heads, it would be nice to take 10 minutes out of our day to feel like a kid again, to be open to imagination and adventure again without the thought of finals pounding in the back of our […] Continue Reading…