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Socialist Taxation Nation or Corporate-Friendly Capitalist Country? You Decide!

Posted on 18 December 2015 by

Tired of the rehearsed and empty rhetoric running rampant across political campaigns? Are you in disbelief over the dopey disagreements during the debates? Ever say to yourself, “I would make a better president than any of these people”? Now you have the chance to prove yourself! Democracy 3 is a game that puts the player […] Continue Reading…

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Marketing Team Awards $300 in Prizes to HCC Students

Posted on 18 December 2015 by , and

Promoting Horizons to students turned out as a huge accomplishment and a successful way to attract students to join an outstanding course. Upon being assigned a final marketing project, our team decided to run a contest to drive traffic to the Horizons website. Those who wished to enter were required to choose an article of […] Continue Reading…

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A Story of Scales: Fighting Inequality By Day, Mastering Music By Night

Posted on 10 December 2015 by

Andrew Pelletier has made a career out of serving underprivileged students. The 34-year-old has worked at Housatonic since May 2014, and he previously spent six years at Naugatuck Valley Community College. These two schools are located in cities – Bridgeport and Waterbury – that are notorious for their urban poverty and deprived school districts.  But […] Continue Reading…

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Forward: A Niche Program with Campus-Wide Relevance

Posted on 08 December 2015 by

Tucked away in a side hall on the third floor of Beacon Hall lie the offices of the Forward program. Stereotyping is wrong, but I’d bet if you’re an average, everyday HCC student, you haven’t heard of this program or its mission. It serves those students interested in healthcare and IT, and yet, its ideas–such […] Continue Reading…

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A Cure for Blank Page Blues and First Draft Fuddles

Posted on 24 November 2015 by

HCC’s Writing Across the Curriculum Center welcomes all students to come for one-on-one tutoring appointments for help with any writing task. Literary analyses, APA research papers, arrest reports, internship application essays…tutors are happy to assist on practically anything with words. Beyond the center’s Lafayette locale lies its Beacon Hall annex in the second floor lounge, […] Continue Reading…

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HCC – $1.4 Million = Hard Choices, Widespread Impacts

Posted on 22 October 2015 by

I’m sitting in B-120, the tutoring center in Lafayette Hall. I have an exam in my math class in two days, and my comprehension of some of the material that will appear on it is weak and worrisome. I’ve come here to seek the aid of a tutor, but I quickly come to realize that […] Continue Reading…

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The Creative Maven Who Reads Your Angry Facebook Rant

Posted on 12 October 2015 by

The ghost in the machine is not a ghost, but a real, live human. If you have posted on our Facebook page, tweeted at us, or commented on one of our Instagram photos, you were actually connecting with Megan Cacioppo, who oversees the college’s advertising, marketing, and graphic design. In an office decorated with typeface […] Continue Reading…

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A Resume-Booster for the Politically Inclined

Posted on 02 October 2015 by

Ever wanted to follow a state legislator around? Housatonic students interested in politics or careers in government, public service, or law can apply for the Spring 2016 Connecticut Legislative Internship Program, which is open to Connecticut residents from all of the state’s colleges, both public and private. The program gives students the opportunity to experience […] Continue Reading…