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Too Much Social Media

Posted on 29 November 2016 by

Nowadays, when we are upset, need some ego boosting or just want a small distraction, a lot of people turn to social media. I was born in ‘89, and growing up our technology was not as advanced as it is now, well from what we know of it. When my friends wanted to get in […] Continue Reading…

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The Secret of Self Love

Posted on 29 November 2016 by

No matter what your flaws are, loving yourself is very beneficial. The moments in your life that change you, whether it’s negative or positive, all change who you are. This past year, I have come to appreciate that my happiness is important and knowing my worth. I’ve accepted the fact that no one is responsible […] Continue Reading…

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The Box: Voting it OUT Gives All a Shot to Get IN

Posted on 31 October 2016 by

Imagine everything you’ve been working for to get that dream job. All of your talents, your intense passion, the countless hours in school, and crappy shifts you’ve endured to acquire experience for that one special career. Now you see it! THE job opening! This is your calling. No one else can do this job like […] Continue Reading…

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Stop Conforming Into Mindless Clones

Posted on 31 October 2016 by

There’s a famous quote by George Bernard Shaw that reads, “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” With that quote in mind consider the following Twitter post. “Did you know Halloween 2016 is the first time in 666 years that Halloween falls on Friday the Thirteenth?” It’s terrifying to think that some […] Continue Reading…

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Kaepernick Show Some RESPECT

Posted on 29 October 2016 by

I am a young African American man, and I am one of the few minorities who believe Kaepernick’s protest is executed poorly. Kaepernick has refused to stand during the national anthem since the preseason of the NFL season. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that […] Continue Reading…

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Ahead of the Curve

Posted on 02 May 2016 by

Curvy girls have a lot more to smile about as they step into clothing stores these days. More retailers in the past decade have finally made stylish garments available for women over size 12. Shopping in these stores was not (and still isn’t, in many cases) always a rewarding experience. Often, plus-sized women in this […] Continue Reading…

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Trump’s War on the Media Threatens First Amendment

Posted on 01 April 2016 by

When it comes to calling out the media, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump does not seem to shy away. At a February rally in Texas Trump said “One of the things I’m going to do if I win is I’m going to open up our libel laws so when newspapers write purposely negative and harmful and […] Continue Reading…

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The Millennials

Posted on 08 February 2016 by

Starting out your career as a young adult in a world controlled by ritualistic and mundane baby boomers can seem kind of boring, especially if you’re a risk taking, passionate and narcissistic millennial who’s always broke. Millennials are everywhere, taking the American corporate job market by storm and, chances are, baby boomers and Gen Xers […] Continue Reading…

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Stop Believing and Start Seeing

Posted on 18 December 2015 by

I have never been a very religious person. Growing up I probably thought about God and the afterlife just about as much as anyone else really. I see how much it plays a role in the world we live today; whether it be in the United States, the Middle East or anywhere else in the […] Continue Reading…

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“Boys Will Be Boys” Just Doesn’t Cut It

Posted on 01 December 2015 by

The late afternoon sun was smiling down on me and one of my girl friends as we walked side by side down a stretch of kitschy cafes and storefronts with colorful awnings. The mild August day we spent exploring New Haven’s lush green university district was coming to an end. Then, suddenly, on the sidewalk, […] Continue Reading…