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How My Hardest Semester Taught Me the Most

Posted on 11 December 2018 by

I had just completed my first two semesters at HCC with perfect grades, and a 4.0 GPA, so I decided it was time for a challenge. I was taking four classes each semester, so I thought one more class couldn’t hurt. I signed up for five classes during my third semester, which I didn’t think […] Continue Reading…

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Started at an F, Now We’re Here!

Posted on 31 March 2016 by

There may be a chance to recover gracefully from the wrong start to a semester without all of the stress. Not all of us get the Cinderella four-year college experience. If you’re at a two-year school, more “real life” happens. Besides a strong desire to get an education, there are often other pressing obligations students […] Continue Reading…

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Preparing for Final Exams: What to Expect

Posted on 05 December 2014 by

Final exams week can be frustrating and exhausting when you’ve not prepared properly, Studying and preparing for final exams, though, can be less of a hassle.  You can go into your exams feeling confident, not only that, but you can also improve your grades. “Study early, I would suggest four to six weeks before and to block […] Continue Reading…