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It’s Time to Hear from Our International Students

Posted on 04 May 2016 by

  Leaving home and traveling to a new a country to pursue a degree can produce mixed feelings. Though the transition maybe something  that has been planned and prepped for, international students still undergo a culture shock. As a result they find ways to adapt and survive. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, a culture shock […] Continue Reading…

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I Have this Accent for a Reason

Posted on 10 April 2016 by

There are people that you meet on a day to basis that can bring you great energy.  One of those individuals is here at Housatonic,  and her name is Fadiola Gojani, also known as, Fifi. Fadiola was born in the country of Montenegro (a word that translates to “black mountain”), and is also a refugee […] Continue Reading…