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3 Ways to Keep Boredom Away this Summer

Posted on 17 May 2015 by

We all look forward to summer. It’s the three months of the year where we do not have to worry about school. It can also mean three months of sitting on the couch with absolutely nothing to do. That used to be me. I’d get out of the house every now and then but that […] Continue Reading…

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How You Can (and Will!) Have Fun This Winter

Posted on 16 December 2014 by

Let’s face it, 2014 has kind of been a long year. With all the stressful group projects and petty drama between friends, we definitely deserve to enjoy ourselves. Here’s a foolproof list of different activities that help keep boredom at arm’s length. Eat something that will warm you up and make your stomach merry. Plus […] Continue Reading…