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My Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

Posted on 03 May 2016 by

There are many new movies that will premiere in the later half of 2016. Here’s the top five most anticipated movies for this year. The number five pick is Suicide Squad, which debuts Friday, August 5. It is about supervillains who are recruited by the government to do the dirty work. Doctor Strange, comes in […] Continue Reading…

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Top Five Rocks!

Posted on 10 April 2016 by

Ask a handful of people if they’ve seen Chris Rock’s Top Five, and you probably will get a handful of nos. I didn’t even watch it until about a month ago, although I wish I had given it a chance when it premiered. Rock directs, produces, and stars as comedian/recovering alcoholic Andre Allen in the […] Continue Reading…

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The Cartoon From Beyond Our Stars: Why You Should be Watching Steven Universe

Posted on 18 December 2015 by

In a point of our lives where the impending doom of growing up is looming over our heads, it would be nice to take 10 minutes out of our day to feel like a kid again, to be open to imagination and adventure again without the thought of finals pounding in the back of our […] Continue Reading…

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Bo Burnham: “Make Happy” Tour

Posted on 18 December 2015 by

Being a fan of sarcasm and witty puns, it was no surprise that I would hop on board to seeing Bo Burnham’s comedy tour when he came to Connecticut. I have been a fan of Burnham’s work since he released his first EP in 2008, “Bo Fo Sho”.  Burnham only followed his album with more […] Continue Reading…

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PlayStation Experience 2015

Posted on 18 December 2015 by

December was a big month for Playstation Fans. On Saturday, December 5 through December 6, the Playstation Experience 2015 took place at the Moscone West in San Francisco, California. The Playstation Experience is an annual event for gamers and playstation fans alike.The event showcases games that are coming out in the future for the Playstation […] Continue Reading…

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Socialist Taxation Nation or Corporate-Friendly Capitalist Country? You Decide!

Posted on 18 December 2015 by

Tired of the rehearsed and empty rhetoric running rampant across political campaigns? Are you in disbelief over the dopey disagreements during the debates? Ever say to yourself, “I would make a better president than any of these people”? Now you have the chance to prove yourself! Democracy 3 is a game that puts the player […] Continue Reading…

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Final Fantasy IX Review

Posted on 09 November 2015 by

Final Fantasy IX is the third and last Final Fantasy game to be released on the Sony PlayStation in 2000.  Developed and published by SquareSoft, now known as square Enix, Final Fantasy IX is good because of its plot, characters, and music. Final Fantasy IX takes place primarily on the four continents of a world […] Continue Reading…

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Great Food to Try Locally

Posted on 02 October 2015 by

Being a huge supporter of both local small businesses as well as great food, I have to take this opportunity to advocate one of my favorite delis in Bridgeport. Madison Deli is a fabulous spot to order whatever you’re hankering for. This place has been open for over a year now. and I continually notice […] Continue Reading…

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Ride or Die: Fast & Furious 7

Posted on 15 May 2015 by

On April 3, Universal Studios released the highly anticipated movie,  Fast & Furious Seven or Furious 7, which rapidly made its way to the #1 spot at the box office. On just its opening weekend, Furious 7 made a total of $147.1 million and broke several records including: biggest April opening, biggest Easter opening, biggest […] Continue Reading…