How to Slash the Price of your Education

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Published on October 22, 2014

Said simply, School Ain’t Cheap.

Students pay, on average, $22,826 a year for in-state tuition at a four year college.

Private college tuition runs at approximately $44,750 a year. As many students and parents who foot the bills have said, ”money doesn’t grow on a tree in their backyard.”  Many students just cannot afford these high prices.

There are options available though for students who want to go on to complete their education. Financial aid is a possibility for those who meet the federal guidelines. There’s also student loans, which must be paid back after graduation.

Fortunately, for many, there is another avenue that provides almost “obligation-free” financial assistance for students. Scholarships, sums of money awarded to students based on academic and other goal-related achievements. There are a couple of scholarship programs available right here at HCC that many students don’t know exist.

One group that many are unaware of is the Housatonic Foundation. Their office, which many students walk by every day not knowing it is there, is in Lafayette Hall across from the Writing Across the Curriculum Center.  The Foundation’s mission includes soliciting and securing donations to provide students here with scholarships.

To apply for these scholarships, students can visit their web page:

Another program available to Housatonic Students is Phi Theta Kappa. An Honor

Society aimed at providing students attending two-year colleges opportunities to excel. It also provides students access to a database of scholarships for which students can apply. In order to  join this organization, students must have a minimum 3.5 G.P.A, and must pay what some might call a “hefty” admission fee.

The National Society of Leadership and Success is another organization designed to help students at HCC find their way through the financial quagmire.  This group’s main goal is to provide leadership,training and experience, They also offer scholarships to their members.

Most college students are undeniably busy with class and homework, extra curriculars and socializing,  the prospect of having tuition bills taken care of is too sweet to pass up. Most students will graduate with an average of $40,000 in student loan debt, these scholarship opportunities are certainly advantageous.