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Published on November 4, 2014

It’s a simple mistake that everyone makes. At some point or another, an unflattering picture of you is going to end up on the Internet. And despite what celebrities wish was true, once something is on the Internet it’s there forever. Even Snapchat with its ten second, let go and you lose it limits doesn’t immediately delete its pictures.

Snapchat, for those not in the know, is a picture messaging application or “app”. Pictures, short videos, text, or drawings collectively know as “Snaps” are sent with a time limit of anywhere from one to ten seconds. After this brief time limit, the message is hidden and deleted from Snapchat’s servers. As another layer of protection, taking your fingers off the screen while viewing the “Snap” hides it, making it difficult to save the image.

But is it really that easy to send pictures and videos that can be so easily erased? The answer is a strong no.

First off, its very easy to just take a picture of the picture. While this doesn’t leave the best image, something is better than nothing in this case.

Photo by Sherly Montes

Photo by Sherly Montes

The second big way to save a snapchat is through various third party websites. “There are a bunch of different apps that can be used to save the pictures,” said Mike Wray. He mentioned that his favorite app to use is Snapbox, an app that saves snapchats without sending notifications to the other person.

These websites and extra apps however, are not supported by the Snapchat developers. So using them is always at your own risk. The danger that the pictures can be stolen has been proven by the recent hacking of hundreds of both celebrity and non celebrity pictures they thought had been private. These pictures are now on the Internet forever despite the work of lawyers. Most people don’t even have the luxury of a team of lawyers to help keep the pictures under control. So all it takes is one jilted ex and that embarrassing picture you took in confidence to be used as weapon that can come back to haunt you. Or the third party websites can be hacked, which has happened before with the most recent theft having been from the website Snapsaved, according to PCWorld.

You can be the most careful person with your pictures but the best way to keep yourself safe is very simple. Don’t take the picture in the first place. Trust me; you’ll be better off.