Bogus Bloggers

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Published on November 13, 2014

Should bloggers be considered journalists, and is social media the new fast track to fame?

Some people are now considering bloggers as journalists.  This could mean everyone should stop spending money on college and just become bloggers.

The Internet has created an alternate society where you can be whoever you choose. With that being said social media has created an outlet where anyone can reports news, entertain, have businesses, and sell products, without the qualifications or credentials to do so.

Today there are a plethora of news articles scattered across the Internet with blogs that cover pretty much anything, composed by individuals who may or may not have journalism degrees.

“These people tend to become extremely successful and popular instantaneously while struggling students and graduates are fighting to prove their worth in the extremely competitive communications and media industry,” said Yasmin Waterhouse, a Youtube blogger and recent graduate of UNH.

Whether or not they should be able to do so beats me.  However, what will become of those who have studied years in a field and still can not find jobs?

According to Forbes, in an article written by Laxmi Parthasarathy, “As modern media outlets struggle with the uncertainty of journalism’s future, they should keep a close eye on social entrepreneurs who are pioneering new media models by reimagining the roles of the audience, the journalist, and the media enterprise. These leaders are responding to a reality in which citizen journalism is a new norm and nearly 3 to 4 billion people are online, by embracing change.”

Jameil Johnson, the Director of the Social Media Department for the Connecticut Post, who is a recent graduate from Eastern Connecticut State University, was given a job directly out of college and was fortunate enough to have a position created for him.

”Due to the dire need to expose social media, as it has infiltrated what was know to be considered journalism, and has given new meaning to what it means to be a journalist. My  sole purpose is to use social media as the new outlet to get consumers to pay more attention to many companies. What would have been simple reporting and obtaining information has become getting likes and followers,” Johnson said.

While it is true that everyone knows how to tell a story, not everyone can tell a good story, and even if the story is good that does not make it true.

So be sure to keep your inverted pyramids near and try not to steer to far away from true journalistic traits.