Why Housatonic Needs Sports

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Published on November 19, 2014

If any students are interested in joining the Housatonic basketball team signups are in room… Oh wait, Housatonic doesn’t have a basketball team.

There is a football team, but it’s combined with other Connecticut community colleges. Housatonic does not have any other sports teams for students.

Because the football team has been such a success among  cmmunity college students, HCC should now take the next step and begin creating other sports teams.

Creating other sports teams will give students the opportunity to continue playing the sport they loved growing up.

By offering other sports at HCC students would become more involved, it would give them the opportunity to show pride in their school and themselves. There are many at HCC who would enjoy the chance to represent the school like they once did in high school.

Jaqua Solomon, a current football player for the combined community college team, said, “For football, the team did several fundraisers and had payment plans to get the team up and running.” If people can create a football team just from fundraisers, there shouldn’t be a problem creating  sports teams here at HCC.

Venues for any HCC team wouldn’t be hard to find. During baseball season, the team could possibly play at the Harbor Yard. It’s right down the street from the school. Same thing goes for basketball and hockey teams. They could play at the Webster Bank Arena.

HCC student Nicholas Chirgos thinks that the possibility of a baseball team would be a great idea. “ I used to play baseball in high school, and would love to play organized ball again but there are no teams around. Maybe if there was a team here I could potentially get a scholarship offer to a four year school,” he said.

Chirgos raises a very good point about sports and scholarships. Some students just couldn’t continue their sports dreams after high school because of financial difficulties. If Housatonic offered students sports programs to participate in, perhaps students could get a second shot and  possibly some of them could even receive scholarships.

Having sports teams at Housatonic can be a stepping stone for many students, providing an chance for them to excel in their future endeavors.