Psychology Club Sponsors Suicide Prevention Forum

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Published on December 1, 2014

HCC is taking this charge to bring this day to the scholars and staff of the school. The people need to be informed about suicide awareness because it’s caused tragedies in so many families around the world for ages. We shouldn’t be used to “suicide” as much as we are.

Psychology Club took action on November 13th, by doing a National Suicide Prevention Forum in the HCC Art Gallery from 12:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. There were four speakers at the forum; American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, HCC Counseling Center, workers from, and Southwest Regional Mental Health Board, INC.

According to Kathleen Jackson, the Events Coordinator for the Psychology Club, “There is a counseling center on campus which also works with mental wellness.”

“We [the Psychology Club] want to bring change to HCC and make mental illness more discussable on campus. We, also, are striving to increase the length of availability for depression help and stress resources to the students on and off the Housatonic campus,” she added.

This forum was hosted so that the students can be more aware of depression and suicide. If you missed this, don’t be upset, because according to Psychology Club President Alexis Smith, there will be more more forums in the future and they’re striving to have one every semester.

“We [the Psychology Club] want to bring awareness to mental wellness to campus,” she said. Smith added that some students expressed a need for this forum and that the club just wants to give the students what they want.

“There is an increasing rate for mental illness.” Smith said, “We felt the need to express this.”

Next time the Psychology Club is hosting a forum, stop by. Towards the end, there was free refreshments and food, which everyone enjoys.

If you’re having any trouble, take a stop by HCC’s Counseling Center. They’re not just there for school help.