End of The World? Darn These Finals

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Published on December 7, 2014

If you’re like me, you are at the same point I am, balancing work, school, family, friends, and other promises that you may have to fulfill. Believe me, I know how you’re feeling.

You’re exhausted and may want to give up on some things, but I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t do that. You may find yourself falling behind in your work, thinking there is no way for you to catch up.

You may have those strict professors who are very hardcore when it comes to deadlines. All of these factors make it seem nearly impossible for you to complete the semester with a passing grade.

Well, I’m in the same boat. I’m working two full time jobs, and I’m enrolled as a full time student. Boy oh boy is this the most stressful and tiring thing that I could ever do to myself. I will say, though, I am managing both my jobs, and school work much better than I expected I would have.

One of the ways that I’m managing all my time is having a set schedule. Now for those who have jobs, some of them may not have set schedules well that’s the way for me at my primary job at Wal-Mart. I set aside two days for me to have off. Those two days are the days that I have classes.

My other job is an overnight job at Marrakech, and I have a set schedule that I work every week. My two days off that I have from Wal-Mart I attend my classes and I take time after classes to get started on the assignments that are given to me.

I stay at home, and I email my professors since I really don’t have time to meet one on one with them. They answer any questions that I may have and sometimes in the next class they even go over it with the whole class, and I understand it more.

You have to prioritize your time and commitment. Ask yourself what you want out of life and how you’re going to get there. School, of course, is one of the key factors.  Otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now.

Time may be winding down and relatively quickly, but if you lay out all that is due and space your work out, you will at least have the work done and completed promptly. Talk to your professors!

Though some may seem mean and very strict, they are here for you, and as long as you show initiative, they are more than willing to help you. Just make sure next semester you talk to your bosses at work let them know that you’re in school and see if they can help you out as far as scheduling you much better.

All the partying and other things that may not be important right should be put on hold until your work is complete. School is your number one priority, so you should wait until the semester is over if you are struggling to keep up with other things.

I personally don’t know when was the last time I was at a party or had late night outings with my friends. I’m so consumed with school and work that I don’t have time.

Of course, I talk to them on the phone, and text my friends and family but other than that I focus on what’s important.

I may struggle with balancing everything, but it isn’t impossible for it to be done. I just personally wish I have more time to be engaged more with the campus activities here at the college.

So to all my fellow students, don’t fret. Being stressed or wanting to give up is normal. Remain calm, and prioritize. It may seem like a handful, but you’ll be impressed with how things will turn out after you finish your work.

If I can do it, there isn’t a doubt that you can do the same.