“I Have a Life!”

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Published on December 7, 2014

“I have a life!” is often the complaint of many students who are stressed out about juggling school with a career, children, or a relationship. Instead of whining about your problems and feeling offended when professors don’t give you special treatment, take into consideration that you are not alone.

The person on your right could have lost a relative, or the person to your left might not know how they will pay their rent next month. Feeling sorry for yourself isn’t doing you any good.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Take it from me, I am student, a wife,  I have two jobs, and personal activities. Of course I would rather be on vacation with my husband than having to stay home to do homework or wake up on an early morning to go to work when my husband has the day off. I could complain every day, and indeed I did. But that only made both my husband and myself more upset thinking about it.

I came up with a solution that could also help you, if only you would be patient and try.

It’s all about scheduling and finding a balance. As a student, I knew I had classes twice a week, so all my assignments would be completed no later than the next day. I would do my homework before work, during a work break or after work. Just me, a book, laptop, writing utensil, and no distractions.

As a career woman, I worked five days a week. I made my schedule work for me. I made decent hours if possible and a day off I couldn’t wait for. Each day I would tell myself, “Lots of people don’t have jobs, and here I have the chance to make some money.”

And finally, as a wife I ate dinner with my husband as much as possible. If we got home at a decent time we would spend 30-60 minutes watching TV or doing an activity. We also had 1-2 days a week that were just for us, but parts of those days would also be a quick review for school assignments if needed, and chore completion.

Finding a balance in my life was the best method that helped me to stay sane, focused, and on top of my goal completion each week. Now I can say that I actually have a life, just without the sarcastic tone.