Oh No! What To Get?

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Published on December 7, 2014

We’ve all faced a similar problem one year or another, and that is the gift giving process for the holiday.  We scour the malls, department stores, and outlets just to find that one all inspiring gift.  Then when we feel like we’ve found the perfect gift, we realize that whomever already has that.  Now, it’s back to the drawing board again.  Well, I know how hard it can get, and so I want to let you know of some of the solutions I’ve found helpful for myself.

The first step I take when trying to find that miraculous gift is I go into the room of the recipient.

I never seem to know what to give my boyfriend for Christmas.  It’s been like that for years and so now I’ve figured out one way to help myself out. Look over what they already have, or what types of interests they have.  Check out their book collections, or the stash of DVD’s that are nearby.  I always do that to my boyfriend’s room each year.

Another option is the wish list system.  Have the people you plan on giving gifts to write down five things they’d like to receive  this year.  This way you can choose which type of present will be easiest for you to get.  Every year my aunt would personally use this method.  This way ensures that they get the gift they wanted, and it’s less of a hassle for you.

I know shopping during this time of year can bring on a load of stress.  But, don’t feel disheartened by it.  Instead try your hardest to get the gift you think they’ll love.  Just remember that it’s the thought that really counts.