Leadership Society Inducts New Members

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Published on December 15, 2014

On the afternoon of Friday, December 12, The National Society of Leadership and Success or Sigma Alpha Pi held their induction ceremony in the Events Center. Sixty-six inductees received either a certificate or a plaque.

The Ceremony began with NSLS President, Ace Ricker, introducing himself. He then passed the microphone over to Stephanie Brown, NSLS Vice President, who introduced herself and explained the significance of the Sigma Alpha Pi shield. She then passed the mic back to Ace, who talked to the audience about the struggles in his past, how his current life is far greater than what he ever imagined. He then awarded the Honorary Membership Award to someone is his life who has made a big difference and helps him with any problems he has, big or small. This person is Michael Mandell, Professor of Business here at Housatonic.

The microphone was then handed to the President and CEO of VCL Consulting Group, Inc., Kim Bianca Williams, who is also the public speaking instructor at HCC. She spoke the intangible characteristics of success, which are resources, integrity, and humanity.

“Focus on what you have, set personal core values, and have a love for humankind,” she said. She ended her inspiring speech by addressing the inductees and stating, “You will continue to do great things.”

Afterward, Ace presented awards to the members of the NSLS Executive Board members, who are: President – Ace Ricker, Vice President – Stephanie Brown, Secretary – Ava Addenbrooke, and Treasurer – Robin Drane.  Michael Pirrie, the Community Service Chair and Brenda Thibodeau, the Event Chair also received awards.

Succeeding the award presentation was the actual induction that Kelly Hope, the NSLS Advisor and Director of Student Activities at HCC, led, where the inductees stand up with the pin they received. They pin their pins on their left side and reflect on their experience during their time working up to being inducted into The National Society of Leadership and Success and what it means to be a part of Sigma Alpha Pi.

Craig Leachman, NSLS member and photographer at the ceremony said, “I believe students should join because it can help them build and grow as a leader. Students will be able add this amazing experience to their resume and it will give them a better chance for a job opportunity. Also, students will be able to get a scholarship and/or award.”