Behind the Camera Lens

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Published on April 3, 2015

Aim. Focus. Snap! Everyone loves taking pictures in this day and age. All the social media just makes it easy for us to take pictures and share them. Instagram is one way for up and coming photographers to show off their work, but when there are thousands doing the same thing you need to stand out. Are you tired of posting great pictures of nature and it goes unnoticed? You too? Well, At Housatonic there is an awesome photography club to gain exposure and learn more about Photography history, giving you the edge you need to enhance your work.

Housatonic has more than enough talent coming in and out of the school. Many students have a great feel and nature in creating art that usually goes unnoticed. Everyone passes through Lafayette building seeing the art museum. Unlike paintings and drawing, there are students who create picture-perfect art with their cameras.

The Photography Club allows students to freely use their talent and share with the world. The students are able to have a mind of their own and are encouraged to bring in different views other people may not see often. As said by advisor Michael D. Stein on the Housatonic website, “our goal is to explore the history of photography and the transition from film and chemical based images to the more contemporary pixel based digital images”.

The club meets every Thursday at 11:45 a.m. in room B221. They like to explore on field trips, letting the students experience how photography is in the field, exploring locations with significant meanings like parks or museums.  “We’ve previously taken trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art,” Stein said. Many students capture great snapshots of nature, or their environment posting them to Tumblr and Instagram, proving there is hidden talent out there waiting to be discovered.

Stein works toward reaching club goals by “arranging visits to photography museums and galleries, field trips to significant picture taking locations as well as photography demonstrations, films and lectures”. We [students] all know of someone who love taking pictures, that person may not be informed about this club, go ahead and tell them about it. Additional information can be answered by advisor Michael D.Stein.  His office is located in Lafayette Hall room B232.