Free Resources Available In Library

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Published on April 3, 2015

The library can be a wonderful place…who would have thought? If you’re reading this, chances are you do not  know about the  equipment you can rent from the Media Services area, located in the back of the library.

You can rent things like laptops, digital cameras, and even boom boxes. You can also rent certain text books for class.

Some of the unexpected equipment offers students to use for free

Some of the unexpected equipment offers students to use for free

“We’re working directly with students more often and helping them succeed in making class presentations or doing projects for school,” Ryan Farrington, Director of Media Services, said.

They also have a open door policy, if you need any help outfitting ideas for a presentations. You can also talk to both Doug Alton and Gracie Rosario, who also work with Ryan.

Media Services, which also maintains and administers the college’s media classrooms. provides other electronics,  like Acer laptops, Apple iPads, and flash drives.

You can also rent Google ChromeBooks, which you can use for going to youtube and doing homework. I know in the computer labs one of the rules is NO YouTube. But on a ChromeBook you can use youtube to listen to music and do homework. Google ChromeBooks also have their own version of of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In order to use a ChromeBook you have to have a Google account.

You can use headphones, portable Digital Voice Recorders CD Recorders, Portable PAs and much more.  The equipment is not only free for students, but staff members as well.

The Library also has textbooks you can use. This can help you save a little money instead of buying at the book store. Of course you just have to make sure they have the text book you’re looking for first. You can also use magazines.

The Library also has study rooms where you can go in with another student and use the computer.   This is for when you have to talk to another student or are working on a project together. I know in the computer labs, they don’t like you talking too much plus you might bother other students.

There is also  “film on demand” which is a website where you can get educational videos. Some of the videos that they provide are TEDTalks, BBC videos, and ABC News videos. Librarian Mark Gore said he told me it was “free” and “easy to use” for students.

Shelley Strohm, Director of Library Services, added, “Just talk to us.” She can point you in the right direction.

All this free equipment and textbooks can be yours. The media services area is located in Lafayette Hall, Room B114f. In order to rent the equipment like laptops and cameras you must be a fully registered student, you also need a valid photo ID. You can rent equipment for up to 7 days. If you do not bring the equipment back within the time period you owe a fee of  $1 a day and a hold could be put on your account. Some of the services they offer are one-one/group tutorials on equipment you can use.

For more information, contact Media Services at 203-332-5180 or by email at Media [email protected].  You can also visit their web site at Services