Not Your Average Health Article

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Published on April 3, 2015

There is something lacking in America, healthy every day routines to create a healthy lifestyle. No, this is not your average “get skinny” article. This is about loving yourself and creating a healthy body; whether you have a skinny body or a curvy body is not the focus here. It is on being healthy when all you want to do is eat fast food and determining what is healthy and what’s not.

Starting up a healthy lifestyle can be pretty difficult. Danielle Wright, previously a personal trainer and Exercise Science major, gives great examples on what to do to start up that lifestyle. “[The best way to eat healthy during a busy lifestyle is to] plan ahead, be diligent in your grocery shopping, eat fruits and veggies as much as possible (keep these stocked in your refrigerator at all times) The greener the better,” Wright said.

You are probably thinking, ‘I am too busy for this nonsense.’ Do not be fooled, there is always room for a healthy lifestyle. So never fear, Wright has a good way for you to have a healthy lifestyle while being a busy scholar. “Take small steps and make a plan. There is no such thing as perfection. Think about BALANCE! Be creative and enjoy!  Do not think of it as a chore thing of it as an opportunity for a better way to enjoy your life!”

This will also help you be at peak for a student; you will become more focused on the important things in life. I know that when I stop eating healthier, my happiness tends to go down a bit. I work out and eat healthy because I love my body. You do not have to hate your body to have a healthy lifestyle. Everyone wants to be happy, right? And it does not have to be a big feast of healthy foods; a little goes a long way.

There are many quick alternatives to packing a healthy snack or lunch for school. Make a quick salad, prepare meals the night before, use wheat bread instead of white bread, use low-carb snacks in replacement of your typical high-carb or big on calories snack, and make sure you always have some kind of protein in your meal. Wright says, “Whole grains, low fat protein sources (fish, beans and brown rice, chicken, turkey, red meat is good in moderation) [is a great way to eat healthy]. Be careful with your energy bars – look for less than 7 grams of sugar in a serving and there should be more grams in protein than sugar. Have individual bags of nuts – it is a great protein source and will keep your blood sugar even. Greek yogurt is a good protein source and always go for the low-fat options.” Having a healthy diet will create the pathway of you having a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle.

Many people believe you need a certain body type to be healthy, but you do not need that at all. You have to stay healthy by eating right by having balanced meals and working out. So what; you don’t look like the model on the cover of the magazine…but neither does the model. Being the “best you” that you can be is what is needed. Instead of looking at those typical magazines that show you the stick thin models, look at exercise magazines to keep away from that mindset of ‘I will never be that perfect zero’ or say ‘exercising is too boring for me.’

Working out does not have to be hard or boring. Wright suggests that mixing up the routine can help someone stay on the “healthy lifestyle pathway”. You can take a TRX class, Zumba or indoor cycling class. It can be as simple as walking. “Walking is a great exercise but do not forget to get your weight training in at least three times a week focusing in on all the major muscle groups. Cardio exercise should be done most days of the week.  It is recommended a total of 150 minutes for the week for a healthy heart.” said Wright.

By working out, you should be doing it in moderation. A new fad is women wearing corsets while working out. In actuality, it crushes your organs. This corset trains your waist to look like something it naturally does not; so do not do this! It is unhealthy for you and being healthy is all anyone should achieve for. Pinterest is an app that I use to look up exercises. I also look up health websites. My personal favorite is This is a great website that I got most of my advice with my own lifestyle.

These are just a few ways to have a healthy lifestyle and even some reasons why you should have one. There are several ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It just takes some change and some time. Everyone is getting in on this moment and so should you.

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