Snow Daze

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Published on April 3, 2015

Students and professors had a tough time with the snow this semester. This winter season has been very detrimental to the students and faculty here at Housatonic. In late February, many students hadn’t even met their professors yet because of all the cancellations. Many students were upset because they pay a lot of money to get their education and they felt as if they are not getting what they paid for. Professors also felt like they are behind on their itinerary and need to cram to reach every aspect of their class this semester. It is safe to say human nature is winning this season.

Gino Arganese of Trumbull is a student here. “I feel like i’m not even going to school right now, I am paying good money for a classes I am missing because of this snow,” he said.

Student Gina Cichon of Monroe agrees. “I usually follow a good routine when I come to school but I feel like everything is all over the place this winter and my grades are suffering.”

A lot of students are losing focus and their grades are suffering from this winter escapade.

Michael Sweeney, who teaches English 101, said that due to his leg injury, he had a hard time getting to his car in the morning because of all the snow, and it was causing him to be late to his classes. He also said that he was having a hard time getting to all the assignments listed on his syllabus.

Many students and faculty have the same issue and are looking for a solution to this problem and don’t have any answers. When talking to Arganese he said that in order for him to get his money’s worth, he found that by following the syllabus as if there were no cancellations has helped his grades and has helped him feel like he is still getting a solid education.

Sweeney said he was assigning homework on snow days.  That way, he can stay on schedule.

This winter left everyone here at Housatonic Community College in a daze and a lot of classes were missed but faculty and the students here found a way to stay on track and still learn a lot this semester.

“All in all, I feel like this winter just prepared me for next year when the snow hits again, so i’m not worried,” Arganese added.