The Best Classes on Campus

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Published on April 28, 2015

Housatonic offers over 50 programs for students to choose from. Some students may be switching majors or just have absolutely no idea which class to take next. This can be difficult when creating a schedule for the upcoming semester. An easy way to make this process a bit easier is to ask some fellow students for help. You are certainly not alone in this struggle and you are not the only person in your major.

Housatonic offers so many classes that picking the right one can be very difficult.  Photo by Steven Eszenyi

Housatonic offers so many classes that picking the right one can be very difficult. Photo by Steven Eszenyi

Jordan Gallant hasn’t decided a major yet, but has taken many of the core classes that the school has to offer. For those taking math, Gallant recommends Math 137. “This was my favorite math class. I really learned a lot from it,” said Gallant.

Many students may be in the same position as Gallant. An education is wonderful, but it is hard to decide what to do. Taking basic classes is a good way to decide what is enjoyable and what needs to be left in the past.

Matthew Joaquim is also undecided on his major but has taken some interesting classes. He said, “My favorite was psychology with John Sopchak.” Even if you can’t decide what direction to go towards, taking interesting classes such as this one can help you decide.

Some students have already decided on which classes they would like to take. Desiree Swendsen is one of those. Swendsen is majoring in Behavioral Healthcare. Swendsen enjoys all the classes that the major has to offer which range from addiction, mental illness, and change theory. But to Swendsen, one professor has stuck out the most. “I have Prof. Coba-loh for almost all of my classes. She’s great.” Finding a good professor can be the difference between enjoying a major and wanting to switch.

Another student who has found a good professor is Julie Curullo. She recently switched her major to criminal justice. “The classes I have enjoyed the most are intro to law enforcement and intro to criminal justice.” Her favorite professor is Joanne Anzenberger, who was recently featured in this snapshot profile piece in Horizons. 

Housatonic offers so many classes that an entire issue can be devoted to describing them. These are just a few of those. Creating the perfect schedule is difficult but hopefully you will give some of these classes a shot next semester.

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