Making Long Distance Relationships Work

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Published on May 2, 2015

There are always negative comments or judgements held against long distance relationships, but a long distance relationships can be good in several ways. It allows the couple to grow apart, it allows the couple to know what it’s like to appreciate someone, and it allows the heart to grow fonder and make the relationship stronger. Many people at Housatonic are going through a unique relationship like this!

I, myself, am in a military relationship, a long distance relationship. This relationship has taught me that love conquers the distance between two people. A long distance relationship is hard, but it’s so worth it.

These are the letters that my boyfriend, Vinnie, has written me so far from his boot camp.

These are the letters that my boyfriend, Vinnie, has written me so far from his boot camp.

HCC student Jenny Qubick is also going through a long distance relationship, “The hardest thing about being in a long distance relationship is not being able to see my boyfriend a lot,”  she said. “My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 years and we were always with each other constantly because we went to high school together.  But now that college has come and we both go to different colleges we had to learn what it was like to not be with each other constantly.”

There are many things that can help anyone conquer a long distance relationship. In a military relationship, it’s the letters from boot camp and the phone calls/video calls that get you through the relationship. Also, the homecoming is worth it all. It is painful being away from him with no contact at all, but it shows that our love is real. True love isn’t proven to exist by being together all the time; it’s shown when the couple is hundreds and thousands of away from each other yet nothing changes. Knowing that you have true love is such a great feeling and military relationships put love to the test.

My boyfriend, Vinnie, is going through boot camp and not having contact with him is hard, but it’s not impossible. We send each other letters and, man, do we both look forward to seeing those letters from one another and reading them. Military relationships can be more difficult than traditional long distance relationships, but it’s not impossible. Nothing is impossible when it comes to love.

For a traditional long distance relationship, Qubick explains what helps her with her boyfriend. “Many things have helped us get through the hard times, such as making sure we remind each other that we love each other every day and just texting and taking on the phone about how our day was and helping each other though difficulties. We try to plan and see each other when we can,” said Qubick. In long distance relationships phone calls and FaceTime or Skype are very useful for keeping in touch when the couple cannot see each other. Love can conquer the distance, the miles, and the time apart.

A relationship involving distance separating the couple can be complicated but that makes a the relationship unique.

“I think our relationship is different from others because we are like best friends and tell each other everything. We just feel so comfortable with each other and we always try to understand and help one another. While it’s hard, I do believe that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Us being away from each other and missing each other shows us how much we actually really love and care about each other.” said Qubick. Qubick and her boyfriend’s relationship is unique to any other because of the distance. My relationship is unique because my boyfriend and I send letters to each other and are currently witnessing our love getting stronger by day.

Long distance relationships strengthen the love between a couple and allows the couple to grow together while doing their own thing. The challenges that come along with a long distance relationship just prove that the couple has the ability to last forever and what’s better than that?

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