WestConn Visits Housatonic with Transfer Information

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Published on May 12, 2015

Western Connecticut State University came to visit Housatonic on May 7, with flyers and pamphlets that was set up in the Beacon Hall first floor lobby. has a lot to offer for HCC students who plan on transferring there in the future.

According to Nicole Kullberg,  Associate Director of Admissions-Transfer from Western, the university has a lot to offer students.

Photo by Debbie Mennona

Photo by Debbie Mennona

“I’m trying to make Western have more of a presence here since it’s not too far from Housatonic,” she added.

A  Western graduate herself, with a major is business management and a minor in psychology, Kullberg welcomed HCC students with a warm greeting and a gentle smile.

Many students were interested in her table. HCC students were grabbing pamphlets and asking Kullberg question.

“I’d definitely be interested in Western.” said HCC student Jordyn Foley as she waited to talk to Kullberg. “Hopefully, they have my major. I’m waiting in line to ask that lady

about it.”

Western is a good college for HCC students to transfer to; most credits are taken there and it’s still close by to your good ol’ Housatonic and maybe even close to your home town.

“If students are interested in going to Western Connecticut State University, I’m going to be back in the fall semester.” says Kullberg. “They can also E-Mail me at [email protected] if they have any questions.”

Western Connecticut State University also has many previous HCC previous students who have transferred there.

If you want to talk about your experience with Kullberg and the brief Western orientation that she brought to HCC then comment below in the discussion box. We’d love to hear from your readers like you!