Housatonic Presents: Book Exchange

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Published on October 2, 2015

Good news students! Do you like money? Because I like money, especially saving money. This semester HCC has started a new program that greatly benefits you, and your wallet.

This new program is called Book Exchange. Where do you find this new program? Log in to the HCC website, www.housatonic.edu, select Campus Resources, and click Book Exchange. Think back now, fondly reminisce on your freshman year at HCC…. young, naive….Do you remember purchasing textbooks with your blood, sweat, and tears? Still have those books you’ve hardly used by can’t return? Perfect!  Go post your regrets and sorrows to the HCC Book Exchange website! What are you waiting for? Get on it!

No fear students, your anger toward the HCC bookstore will be justified once you realize you can sell your textbooks on Book Exchange, which is like an Ebay for HCC textbooks. How does this work? Go to the website and fill out general information about your book; subject, title, author, edition, your contact information and most importantly, price! Be the hero, spare some new freshman soul your pain and regret. Your book will be posted on the site, and you can review other books for sale, and when they were posted.

A screen shot of some of the selections on the Book Exchange

A screen shot of some of the selections on the Book Exchange

Interested in a book? Awesome! That means Book Exchange is working! Scroll over and contact that seller, ask them the deets. You never know, that seller could possibly be willing to go lower, just ask!

But wait! There’s more –  tell fellow students about this awesome program so they can get in on it too. Let’s be the community that pays it forward.