Let the Good Times Roll

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Published on October 2, 2015

Music has always been a way for people to express themselves in a particular shape or form, especially to young people.

Whether it’s to get a certain message across, venting out about a problem going on in the world or in their life, or just trying to give the audience you’re performing for a good show, music is a safe and creative way to bring out your ideas.

The  musical event on the night of Thursday, 9-24 at Housatonic, “Unplugged, Uncommon, and Unexpected,”  proved to be no different, giving a platform for many minds, younger and older, to send out the messages that speak to them, while giving the audience a memorable and entertaining performance.

Professor John Favret, Art Program Coordinator at HCC, and the person in charge of the musical event  explained by email, “Unplugged, Uncommon and Unexpected is intended to be a fun evening of music and poetry, performed by students, former students, faculty and staff. Some of the musicians are also professionals that also teach music.”

The night featured a good balance of music by students and by professionals, giving everyone a chance to shine. There was a good amount of variety on the show, including “a four-piece Jazz type core band, a flutist, a classical guitarist, and several guitar players.  At press time, Favret also hoped to “have a percussion jam and some original poems read.” The music was described to range between “Tunes from Bach to Led Zeppelin”.

Unlike other cabaret shows for the school in the past, many of the performers had been practicing behind the scenes, which was described as being not really possible before.

‘Unplugged, Uncommon and Unexpected’ was attempting to craft something special and to share it with people of all ages. Audience looking for an experience that was both creative and unpredictable had to look no further.