Internship Interested?

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Published on October 30, 2015

Start taking advantage of what your school has to offer! Housatonic is coming up with a great new department to help students find internships. If it’s going to benefit you and your future in the long run, why not take a shot at it?

Anisha Thomas, Career Services Coordinator at HCC, helps students with fieldwork and internships.  She says,“We take interest in our students futures here at HCC.”

The Office of Career Internship and Experiential Learning is planning to give students more of an opportunity to learn the work force by opening a department that will work hand in hand with faculty, staff, and students on career, internship and service learning. It is expected to open soon. They are still working on which exact staff members are going to be doing which jobs at the moment. In the meantime, if you are interested in an internship, Thomas is the best person to speak to.

“We are trying to build partnerships with businesses so that we gain close relationships with them and that our students have somewhere to go after they graduate,”she adds.

She explains that even if an internship is not paid, the experience of learning a field is worth more.

Alyssa Tejada working in the day care. (Photo by Kasey LaRue.)

Alyssa Tejada working in the day care. (Photo by Kasey LaRue.)

Alyssa Tejada, who is a current student here at Housatonic and interns in the Early Childhood Education program here, says,“Having this opportunity to get a sneak peek and working in my major definitely benefited me by showing me that I want to do this for the rest of my life.”   She loves working with the children especially since that is the field that she’s going for. She also agreed that having this department in the past would have been much easier considering she got this internship herself.

For more information email Anisha Thomas at: [email protected].