An Advisor’s Guidance

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Published on November 6, 2015

In 2013 when I first entered Housatonic with my best friend Kelsey, I was unexcited. Biting my nails at orientation, I looked around, hoping that everything went smoothly. Being unsure about the career choice I wanted did not sit well in my stomach. It was freshman year  and I could not decide what classes I wanted to take for the semester and even after contemplating and going through “search courses, I still did not know what to do.

At orientation the most important thing I learned was to make sure to get help and talk to an advisor. Advisors are meant to help students to make the best decision for their academic future at HCC. The best advice I ever gotten was when I talked to my advisor Professor Kozek. She helped me with my schedule and made my journey at HCC much easier. My major was General Studies, but I really connected with writing.

My mom said,“ Just take a music class, an easy A.”

Ignoring her advice I asked other students how they pick their classes if they did not have a major. I never got the right answer, though.  A couple weeks passed by and it was close to November, and I did not want to get stuck with classes I didn’t need, or be super upset that the classes I wanted had filled up. So I searched around for my advisor.

Need help trying to figure out what classes to take or picking a major? Go see your advisor! I have gotten the best advice!

Need help trying to figure out what classes to take or picking a major? Go see your advisor! I have gotten the best advice!

I was nervous meeting with Professor Kozek mainly because I didn’t know what to expect. I walked into her office as she greeted me with a smile.

She asked, “ What interests you? What career do want?”

I looked around her office to gather my thoughts. “I like writing, but I also want to be on radio,” I replied.

She smiled, then asked, “Then why aren’t you in Communications?”

Kozek never said many words, but she always said: “Choose your major wisely. Who wants to start over? Think twice [and make] a rational decision especially with career choices.”

She looked over my list of classes that I was planning on taking, “Okay  Sociology, Math, and English…What about adding a art class?” she added “An art history class,will give you insight and it can be a fun class. Trying something new is great.”

I thought about it and she was right take a least one fun class where  you can enjoy. Walking out the office I felt secure with my schedule and happy how my advisor to helped me.

After my class I told Kelsey how helpful my advisor was.  Having her guidance allowed me to make the best decisions for myself. I was so happy that I finally got my schedule and everything set up for next semester.

I was determined to have Kelsey to stay at HCC and talk to her advisor. I couldn’t stay here a semester by myself, she was one of the only people I talked to here. She never had a smile while she was at school and I could tell her grades started to slip, I realized things may have been different if she spent time talking with her advisor. Meeting with my advisor was so helpful and was essential to my first semester at Housatonic, Professor Kozek helped me pick out classes and gave me really great advice about being a full time student and working.

As the second semester arrived I was anxious to start my new classes. Walking into the Lafayette Hall cafeteria I ran into Professor Kozek and we ended up having another meeting right there. Catching up with her and telling her about how my successfully my previous semester went I thanked her for all the great advice she gave me freshmen year at Housatonic, and how her wonderful advice helped me get through the semester.