Final Fantasy IX Review

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Published on November 9, 2015

Final Fantasy IX is the third and last Final Fantasy game to be released on the Sony PlayStation in 2000.  Developed and published by SquareSoft, now known as square Enix, Final Fantasy IX is good because of its plot, characters, and music.

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Final Fantasy IX takes place primarily on the four continents of a world named Gaia. Most of Gaia’s population reside on the Mist Continent, named so because the entire continent is covered in thick Mist. This game is considered an RPG, or Role Playing Game, which is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fantasy setting.

The Gameplay is “Active Time Battle,”  or ATB, which is a turn-based system. It is a traditional system used many times in Final Fantasy games. One unique aspect about the ATB systems is the constant flow of time, even when in the combat menus.This means that while you’re thinking about your next move, the enemy is still attacking you, so you have to be quick on your feet.

Final Fantasy IX’s plot is based around a war, when Queen Brahne of Alexandria is supplied with powerful magical weapons by a mysterious arms dealer things begin to go bad.

The game starts with Zidane, the main protagonist, as he is planning to kidnap Alexandria’s Princess, Garnet Till Alexandros XVII, during her sixteenth birthday with his band of thieves known as Tantalus.

As the plan goes on, Tantalus finds out that princess wanted to leave anyway, because of the war. She also wanted to leave to find her uncle who lives in the city Linblum. She finds her uncle, whose name is Cid, who has been turned into a monster, called an oglop, by an unknown assailant. Cid tells them the truth about the war and forces them on an epic adventure.

What makes this plot so good is the twist and turns it does.

The plot can be slow at first, and it doesn’t really pick up until the second disk. But when it does, you will want to see it to the end. I don’t want to give too much away, but there are parts that may make you emotional.

You get to play as eight very unique characters such: Zidane, who is always wants to help people; Princess Garnet who is scared to become Queen; and ViVi, who is a black mage who doesn’t know how he was born.

Other characters include Steiner, who is a knight who is blinded by his duty; Freya, who doesn’t want to be forgotten; Quina, who does what she wants; Eiko, who doesn’t want to be alone; and Amarant, who is uncertain about his future.

What makes these characters so good is the bond they all share with other. When they first meet each other they are distanced from one another and dealing with their own problems by themselves. But as the game progresses they start to rely on one another more.

Even the music in Final Fantasy IX is good. One track in particular, titled “Not Alone”, is one of the greatest tracks in the game according to many fans. It has been included in live performances several times.

The game is a little outdated, with its graphics and even its gameplay. Despite that, all gamers should try Final Fantasy IX. If you can get past that you will be ready embark on one of the most memorable rides of your life.