Senatus! Student Government in Action at HCC

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Published on November 9, 2015

Long lines, circular arguments, and stuffy suits; that’s what most people think of first when they hear the word “government.” But at HCC, our student-led government does more than make you want to fall asleep. From chartering clubs to organizing many of our activities, there is plenty of energy in the HCC Student Senate.

The Student Senate at HCC is a student governing body that is self-organized and runs as part of the Student Life Office. The Student Senate serves as the sole executor of the Student Activities Fund, and officially exists to ensure the fund is used for programs that are beneficial for all students who participate, to enhance the experience of being a student at Housatonic.

While we’re all familiar with officials that aren’t in touch with the people, our senators remain close with the student body. To become part of the Student Senate, a prospective Senator has to get a list of signatures and be approved by a majority of current senators. Once a senator is approved, they can’t just idle around. All Senators must attend the General Assembly meetings and serve on at least one standing committee.

If you’ve ever wondered where the activity fee you pay as part of tuition goes, now you know. The budget overseen by the Student Senate comes from the money raised through the fee. The treasurer is in charge of managing the budget, part of which is allocated to clubs for activities like museum visits and other club outings.The rest is used by the Senate to sponsor events at the campus.

The Student Senate can be contacted in the Student Life Office in BH317. General Assembly meetings are held every other Thursday from 2:30 p.m.. to 4:00 p.m.