Benefits of Study Groups

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Published on December 10, 2015

Multiple heads are better than one. Studying alone can be nerve wracking especially when struggling with a class.  Working with a study group boost grades for fellow students. Not everyone understands the lectures, so having others give their ideas and perspectives can be extremely helpful. Study groups help with critical thinking and creativity. There is little to no time for the procrastination, so there is more time to get things done.

Brian Roche, a computer science student at HCC, says “I find that I learn better when I work with others. When I am doing a project with my fellow peers and they have a great idea for my website I created, it helps me get in my creative mode.”

Study groups are helpful resource for any student to use to better their grade and more understanding in their class.. Here I am in a study group with my peers

Study groups are helpful resource for any student to use to better their grade and more understanding in their class.. Here I am in a study group with my peers

When left alone it can be easy to play with your cell phone, watch tv or listen to music. Being in a group is completely different: it forces you to be more interactive with the work.  In college it’s hard to slack off and still get the grades you want. It is particularly easy to slack off by yourself.

Do Study Groups Improve Grades? by Grace Fleming states “Finally, you’ll likely find that the benefit of group study reaches far beyond the good results on test day. It will build self confidence that you can use for the rest of your life. Speaking to small groups will prepare students for speaking to larger groups in the future—or more official groups such as college admission panels or hiring boards.”

While studying alone there is only your viewpoint. With working in a group, there are different perspectives that students are able to learn from. It is a great way to ask your peers questions on things that you might not understand. Caitlin Campoli, a student at HCC said “Study groups are very helpful, everyone should join a study group regardless if it is with a classmates or not.”

Ashley Montes says “Biology was really hard for me but when this guy John took me under his wing and invited me into a study group in the library, when we did not have lab. His perspectives and the way he was able to retrieve information was really insightful. ”

She continued, “It helped me tremendously. My grade went from a C+ to a B+ in the last couples weeks of science.”

Professors also think it is very proactive for students to start a study group and get the extra help they need. Shirley Zajdel, Professor of Biology,  says “I always tell my students it is important to get their fellow peers numbers for study groups, everyone needs a little help”

There are different ways to study in groups. Study Groups: A Key to Success in College by Kate Wilson states “If you are studying for a multiple choice exam, study groups are great for gathering together to quiz each other using index cards, PowerPoint presentations, or any study guides your instructor passed out before the exam.”

If your instructor’s exams are less cut-and-dry, and you’re not sure exactly what to study, you can compare your notes with the other members of the study group to make sure you didn’t miss anything that your instructor focused on in class. Study groups are useful if you missed a class or two, because you can fill in the gaps with the notes from the rest of the group. If you are struggling in a class, make sure you choose a study group of people who are doing well in the class. One mistake some students make when forming a study group is gathering other struggling students around them because they feel they have more in common with them. However, this makes for a very weak study group. Look for fellow students who are making top grades in the course, and learn from their effective study habits during group meetings.

Azia Mullick, a student and library employee, said, “Study groups saved my grade in my math class. It was terrible. I always so confused but I joined a study group and made my life so much easier.”

There is nothing wrong with studying by yourself, but study groups do help and is an effective way to further and expand the various ways to understand the subject may be struggling in. Study groups are useful because students can contribute ideas or information to the study process.