Composition Intuition: A Look Inside Graphic Design

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Published on December 11, 2015

The process of combining colorful graphics and text into captivating advertisements is a method that requires a lot of patience and skill. Graphic Design Club welcomes anyone who wants to master the art of these visual concepts with open arms. Kat Travis is the president of Graphic Design Club.

“As you’ll see, Kat is great!” says Thomas Brenner, an Instructor of Arts and Graphics. In his role as the advisor to the Graphic Design Club here at HCC, Brenner keeps record of club meetings, how many students attend, and all things graphic design related.

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“The Graphic Design Club is the place where you can come and learn, share of work, and get inspired by other students,” Travis says. As for why this club is important to HCC and in general, Travis adds, “You get to see how art and use of graphics actually affect parts of your life, such as in a business or even the products that you purchase every day.”

On Tuesday, November 3, the Graphic Design Club covered how to make brochures and what was important about the procedure. The lesson included a slideshow which displayed several suggestions and a guideline in order to generate an template for a brochure, as well as various examples of brochures that would be considered too crowded and did not flow well together. Brandon Pouncie, Vice President of the Graphic Design Club, spoke to club members briefly about what this week’s project entailed and how to conquer it successfully. 

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Travis encouraged participation and made sure to walk around in order to help all the students who need any guidance or direction. The atmosphere of the club was noticeably welcoming and accepting. After the presentation Travis left time for any questions that club members may have had regarding the material. Travis’ PowerPoint gave students a much better understanding to graphic design, and how to create such items as business cards, flyers, brochures, and more artwork and concepts seen on a daily basis.

Graphic Design Club is open to the public and gladly embraces new and interested members, just prepare to get creative and think outside the box!

Graphic Design Club meets every Tuesday at 12 p.m. until 12:45