Cupcake Appreciation

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Published on December 11, 2015

The smell of freshly baked goods is something satisfying to almost everyone. Starting the morning with a smile is important, and that’s exactly why Wildflour Confections opened for business this past February. Alyssa DeMatteo, a cake decorator and Seymour resident, opened her own confection shop earlier this year in hopes to add a little something sweet to the town of Seymour.

Over 130 flavors of cupcakes can be enjoyed at Wildflour Confections in Seymour. Photo by the author.

Over 130 flavors of cupcakes can be enjoyed at Wildflour Confections in Seymour. Photo by the author.

Wildflour is a cozy, pleasant, sugary smelling corner store on Bank Street. The shop is located in a friendly area and the atmosphere of the town is welcoming and refreshing.

For most families, holidays are celebrated and admired in households throughout America. Whether it’s a birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, or Halloween, you name it, the majority of people want a centerpiece for their special day; baked goods make a these celebrations all the more meaningful.

With a mission to draw people in and keep customers happy with beautiful, visually pleasing sweets, DeMatteo opened the bakery on 18 Bank Street in Seymour, Connecticut this past Valentine’s Day. Wildflour Confections specializes in cupcakes and custom cake orders as well as other treats made fresh every single day. DeMatteo tries her hardest to accomplish any special requests she gets in order to appease a customer.

DeMatteo is on a mission to please every person that sets foot through Wildflour’s door by accommodating each customer’s needs and requests, as well as providing allergen and gluten free cakes and baked goods. This bakery even offers “Pup Cups”, a tasty (grain-free) cupcake for your doggy friends!

With the holidays coming up, now is the time to show appreciation toward family, friends, and anyone who deserves a little pick-me-up. Cupcakes are at a high-demand in Seymour, and Wildflour wants to provide every client with nothing but the best this holiday season.

Special prices as well as deals and order will be available for these next coming festivities, in order to make it easier to treat your loved ones with fresh baked goods. The workers, as well as the owner, want to send their customers home with the cake they wanted, as well as a smile.