Not Just Pretty Pictures

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Published on December 11, 2015

Housatonic offers great events that not many students really feel the need to attend. The Larry Silver: Then and Now exhibition was something that I also wouldn’t normally attend, but I actually enjoyed it. This gallery was an exhibition of documentary and abstract photographs by the artist.

The web site explains how Larry Silver began taking pictures of everyday life. These pictures truly were inspiring because they each had a meaning, and made me and fellow classmates think about the little pieces of beauty in them. It was actually kind of relaxing just looking at the artwork and hearing about how much passion the artist had for them.


Silver was actually awarded a scholarship to the Art Center School in Los Angeles, which is a great accomplishment.

My absolute favorite photo of his was one of a memorial for 9/11, with a bouquet of flowers on it, and someone is in the background just staring, thinking about life. It was touching, and I didn’t even need to hear an explanation to understand it.

Seeing someone go far in life by doing something they love would be great inspiration for students here at HCC. Not only the art majors would like to see this gallery and more to come. Everyone should be open to trying new things. Go to an art gallery and put your mind to work.


The Larry Silver exhibit runs through December 17.  Get more information here.