Holiday Gifts From the Heart

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Published on December 14, 2015

There are endless ways to show the love and appreciation for the ones dearest to you during the holiday season. Some can get their creativity on by baking up a batch of spiced gingerbread men (and women!), or decorating sugar cookies. Even the most craftily self-conscious person can take heart in knowing that homemade holiday cards made from colorful cut paper and plastered with stickers of penguins, snowflakes and evergreen trees are a total hit.

These gifts are not only joyful to make, but to see the smiles on the recipient’s face when they receive their custom creation is enough to make even bah-humbug recipient get into the spirit.

But for those who are down right adamant about passing out the presents and dossing up gift boxes– don’t get your ribbons all tied up in a knot!

These gifts are a few suggestions that will spread the holly jolly like no other.

And that’s a wrap!

1) Dunkin Donuts Perk Cards

This college student runs on Dunkin! Photo by Victoria Tomis

This college student runs on Dunkin! Photo by Victoria Tomis

Forget the generic gift card to a clothing store that a recipient couldn’t care less about. Make no beans about it; this is not your typical gift card. This is, as they say, the gift that just keeps giving. Every time a DDPerks member uses this “debit” card to buy food and drink, they earn points and are awarded a free beverage. Also to sweeten the deal, according to the Dunkin Donuts website, they use fair trade coffee.

2) Redbubble Swag

Forget snatching the latest and greatest trendy little number off the rack in a clothing store. Beat the crowd and really impress your favorite friend and family member by designing them a custom tee shirt, pair of leggings, pillow, scarf or any garment or home good on this website. Not only does Redbubble print their clothing on American apparel, which is sweatshop free labor, but this supports independent artists.

Nothing too punny about it-- this combines two of my favorite things, Nirvana and cats, and I’m not kitten! Photo by Victoria Tomis.

Nothing too punny about it– this combines two of my favorite things, Nirvana and cats, and I’m not kitten! Photo by Victoria Tomis.


3) Charitable Chocolates

For a real sweet treat  try getting the one you love chocolates that go beyond a Santa wrapper or flimsy assortments in a paper box. Instead, consider getting a chocolate that is not only straight up good, but also captures the generous and giving spirit of the season! Take heart in buying chocolates with a conscience and knowing that purchases from companies like Endangered Species chocolate, Theo chocolate, and Rescue chocolate support Fair Trade practices and actual funnel proceeds to accredited non profit organizations. Rescue Chocolate’s runaway hit, the Peanut Butter Pitbull bar supports both the Pit Bull Rescue Center and the Bad Rap nonprofit.

4) ONE United Against Malaria Bracelets

“Bead the change” is the slogan for the South African non-profit organization, Relate. The sales from their United Against Malaria collection go towards prevention methods and empowering rural communities in Africa. The card that accompanies the bracelet packaging reads that, “every minute, a child in Africa dies of Malaria”. A 2012 press release from UAM’s website says that proceeds bought 45,000 mosquito nets. Beyond that, the “beaders” who create these bracelets are from the communities that are affected. This gives them “income, skills and enterprise development opportunities” and the chance to improve their lives and those around them for the better. These beeeeautiful accessories could be purchased online or from speciality shops such as Whole Foods and other stores that sell fair trade goods.