Aaaand…We’re Off!

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Published on February 5, 2016

Our presents have been unwrapped, the New Year’s ball has been dropped, the weather is getting warmer and our driveways are (hopefully) clear of that underwhelming snow storm. It’s official: 2016 is here, and the spring semester brings back returning and new students.

Photo Courtesy of HCC's Outreach Department

Photo Courtesy of HCC’s Outreach Department

Though some changes have been made between the fall and spring semesters – the closing of the Lafayette kitchen, merging with the one over at Beacon – it is evident that old habits may die hard when it comes to studying and getting your work in on time.

First and foremost, students hoping to save a little money in their pockets can now apply early for their financial aid.

Seeing as how full time students are really looking to be in and out of school as fast as they can, taking as many as four and five classes this semester – it would be a massive helping hand when it comes to their studies while keeping a little money for the cookie jar.

It is vital to secure a spot on that list to get that extra help for those who really do need it, so make sure you jump on it. Don’t wait til the last minute!

Speaking of last minute, your New Year’s Resolution says, “No more procrastination” but your Netflix says, “Just one more episode.”

Certain patterns of waiting for the 11th hour can easily creep on you, despite your best wishes and intentions, and that’s okay. Just remember not to get discouraged and think about it as one less headache once you DO get that assignment out of the way.

Don’t underestimate the power of the quiet-ish library over in Lafayette Hall. Whether you are bumping tracks through your earbuds or simply finding a quiet corner next to the window, discovering the method to getting your work done is vital, especially if you are a brave soul taking five classes this semester.

Don’t be afraid to get involved! There are many upcoming events and clubs that are here with open arms, inviting those with similar interests to talk, reach out and plan events such as the Women’s Center, and the upcoming Broadcast Journalism Club where you get to try your hand at what it is like to be a journalist here on campus. Whatever it may be, Housatonic is here for another year of fun, insight and making sure that their students here are one step closer to their true pursuit in their lives.