HCC Starts New Program to Maximize Students’ Success

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Published on March 2, 2016

On Monday, February 8, 2016, the Supplemental Instructional (SI) Leaders entered their classes that they are assigned to for the first time. This program was made to help students gain study skills and maximize academic success.

The SI leaders are students who have taken the classes prior and have  a  B+ or higher average in the class. This is a peer led program for students to act as role models in classes, and help the other students succeed to their highest potential. The job of a SI leader is to attend the classes which they are assigned to and understand all the assignments fully. Once they have attended the classes, the SI leaders will hold study sessions weekly for the other students who are struggling so they can help these students understand the materials. The job of an SI leader will affect the amount of students who get tutoring help in the Academic Support Center since they hold their own tutoring support groups for the students in these classes. Instead of the SI Leaders holding their study sessions in the Academic Support Center where most tutoring in HCC is normally done, they will be held in their own room, A234.

As of right now, the SI Leaders will only be in developmental English and Math classes.

“The beauty of the program is that students, who have been successful in these very courses, partner with faculty and the Developmental Studies Department to model effective classroom behaviors and habits and are available outside of class to provide supplemental instruction through workshops, small group instruction, and tutoring,” said Rebecca Samberg who is in charge of this program.

Alexis Grant, a General Studies Major. said, “I really believe that this program will be beneficial to students here who are struggling. Sometimes I get nervous asking the professor for help, and it may be more comfortable asking an SI Leader for it instead.”

Having another person who has taken the class recently will be great to help them to succeed in their academic performance because they can still assist when someone is having trouble, and they will be easier to talk too!” she added.

Since this program has never been in Housatonic before, it will be nice to see how these SI leaders impact the other students.