The New Hotspot: Tiago’s Bar and Grill

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Published on April 10, 2016

Bridgeport residents can agree that this city is not the first place to look for a good time. Stamford and New Haven have been popular Connecticut locations, which puts Bridgeport in the back of people’s minds. Locals here have been itching for a place downtown that can provide a nightlife experience.

In 2010, Tiago’s Bar and Grill opened and word has been spreading. Even though business has picked up plenty of new customers, they are still relatively unknown by many in their own backyard.

Different types of DJs for specific crowds allow them to please customers that like multiple genres of music. During the summer they also hold concerts and bands for anyone looking to just hang out, drink, and eat under the sun in the outdoor seating. The Bluefish baseball team and the Tigers hockey team held a popular block party there last summer. Events like these allow families to bring their little ones because of the fun and safe environment Tiago’s provides. With these ideas they are able to attract a variety of younger and older customers.

Tiagos 2

Tiago’s block party last year (Photo by Jeff Pierre Charles)

Their authentic Spanish dishes and reasonable drink prices is why many people like Ali keita a frequent customer keeps coming back.. Ali Keita said, “Anyone looking to pass by for dinner should order the mofongo.” This is a very popular Spanish dish in which its main ingredient are fried plantains.

Unfortunately, they do not have any deals for local students, but maybe that could change. For now they do offer many specials on the menu. Every day brings different themes.

During the week Tiago’s offers Monday night football during the season with specials on beer half and 50 cent wings. They also offer Taco Tuesday’s with karaoke. These events can definitely change the way people feel about the beginning of work week. Happy hours are Monday through Friday from 4 p.m.-7 p.m., and drinks are half off.

“The week days are more like a hangout spot at Tiago’s,” said Keita. For the weekends, Tiago’s provides Latin nights on Thursdays for anyone looking to polish up their salsa dancing. It is more of a older crowd ages around 35+, so don’t be surprised if you run into your aunts or uncles.

Sean Brown, security guard, says, “Fridays and Saturdays nights are also very good with hip hop and popular club music. Those days the crowd is a mixture of both but the majority are between the ages of 21-30 years old.”

A local R&B singer, Rashawn Hendricks, says,“Tiago’s is cool. Yhey support local artists and allowed us to perform in there.”

People looking to schedule a performance must contact them through email located on their website. That is major for any artist out there looking to get some exposure.

Tiago’s is about helping Bridgeport and the people that live in the area. They are breaking the mindset that people cannot have fun because of the drama and crimes that occurs. Tiago’s opening up is just the beginning for Bridgeport. Hopefully more business owners can come in and bring back some life to the downtown area. Next time you are looking for good food, drinks you should check out Tiago’s Bar and Grill, located at 211 State Street in downtown Bridgeport.