Earn Back Your Tuition

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Published on May 1, 2016

Even though students spend plenty of money in school, Housatonic gives us opportunities to earn some of that money back now.

Rushing out of class to make it to work on time won’t be the issue anymore. Instead of dealing with traffic in the parking lot you can take a nice, slow, 2 miles per hour walk down the hallway to your job. With the student work study program you can make money and take classes all in the same place.

Working towards a degree and getting paid at the same time is a no brainer.

Sarah Carter, Assistant Director for Human Resources, said, “The process to be accepted in the program isn’t a difficult one.”

The student’s qualifications are: be a full-time students that semester, and  they can’t be on academic probation. The Financial Aid Office is where students can check for their eligibility. After applying the paperwork goes into a folder of all applicants, which every department at Housatonic will have access too.  

Whichever department is looking for some help goes through those files and picks whichever students they think they should hire and then they schedule interviews. A student can potentially work in multiple places, for example: the library, registrar office and/or as a tutor.

Tavon Sharp, a student in the program, says, “The jobs are very easy. I worked in the registrar’s office and all I did was make copies and send transcripts to other college. It’s a great job for students because it’s not as stressful like other jobs.”

Carter adds, “Aside from jobs offered from financial aid, students can also apply for jobs to become HCC staff. Those jobs are involved with the state of Connecticut, so it includes benefits.”

The jobs have requirements  that can be lenient depending on if a student is studying on that field and is close to graduating.

When applying for these positions applicants must bring a cover letter, resume and application just like any other job. So if you are student looking for part time seasonal job the work study program is for you.

If you are looking for consistent job with benefits, applying to become a HCC staff member is the way to go.

Job postings for each departments are posted in front of the mail room in Lafayette Hall. There are always new job offers and the postings on the board are updated every week.

The jobs posting board is Lafayette Hall. Photo by the author.

The jobs posting board is Lafayette Hall. Photo by the author.

Also in Lafayette Hall is the Human Resource Center in room A203 where you can find out more information on jobs at Housatonic. Another way to find job offers is to go on the school website to “HCC Jobs.” Online you can also find two different applications for whatever program you are interested in.