Digital vs Physical Media

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Published on May 4, 2016

In the age of digital media, physical media is starting to fade out like the VHS. Yes it is easier to just download your media or stream to your device nowadays, but many people still prefer physical media.

Most people feel as if  they may lose their media if they go fully digital.

Physical media, for many, is the only and best way to get your media. There is a reason places like Wal-Mart and Target still sell physical media.

While digital media is the way to go for some folks, nothing can beat the feeling of going to the store and buying your media Day one.

With physical media you don’t need any card information or Internet access. Let’s face it, the Internet can be a very dangerous place with hackers, so you can be a little fearful when you put your card information in to get your media.

Companies say they well keep your information safe, but in this day and age anything and everything is possible. You would also be surprised by how many people still have slow Internet service.

Fellow student Kyana Williams, 19 prefers physical media over digital media. “ I still think it’s more convenient to have the tangible media. If something were to happen to that electronic device then you would no longer have that media.”  This reason right here is why many people prefer physical media over digital media.

Collectors  who like old video games or comics will always prefer physical over digital. There is something about having the physical media that makes it more valuable to collectors.

Aaron Williams, 39, is a former HHC student who is a physical media guy. He has a pretty big collection of DVD’s and comic books.

Williams started his collection when he was a lot younger. His collection might not be as big as others,  but it is still in pretty impressive. This is one of the reason why physical media will take a long time to die out,if in fact it ever does.

While some folks prefer physical media, there are still a lot more people who love digital media. For one thing it’s a lot easier to access. Media giants like NetFlix, Xbox Live, and Playstation Network make it much easier to get  at your digital media, simply look up the movie or game you want, put your card info in and there it is, done.

Netflix streams media, so no downloading required. Devices like tablets and smartphones also make it much more convenient for you to view access media. Physical media requires the user be at home to watch it

Digital media is the future. Why would you purchase a six-pound school textbook when you can enjoy the option of downloading it online for a cheaper price? Digital textbooks can’t be left behind  at home accidentally, Sorry high school kids.   

Companies like Sony and Microsoft want to go digital all the way.  After all, it’s about the money,  Going digital them to hang on to all of the profits, as opposed to a company like Gamestop which has to share its revenue with the game’s manufacturer.

Most people prefer physical media it seems, but digital media is the future if the major companies involved have their way. But, honestly, no one knows where the future will bring us.