The Secret of Self Love

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Published on November 29, 2016

No matter what your flaws are, loving yourself is very beneficial. The moments in your life that change you, whether it’s negative or positive, all change who you are. This past year, I have come to appreciate that my happiness is important and knowing my worth. I’ve accepted the fact that no one is responsible for my happiness but me and also, I am what I attract.

Self-love to me is putting yourself first and keeping a positive mindset of yourself. The journey of self-worth isn’t easy, but it takes time. Start with positive thoughts of yourself. “I’m okay,” “I’m alive and breathing,”“Things will get better.” Embrace your thoughts. Often times we lose the sight of that by getting into unhealthy relationships and allowing that to rule our emotions and outlook of ourselves. The way you treat yourself should be the way you treat others.  What you picture yourself to be, people will see that. Once you begin to lose that self-worth, the pattern begins. You will start to talk negative about yourself or your circumstances, you begin to speak badly of other people, and your positive thoughts are gone.

Never change the way you are to make someone like you. If you don’t love yourself first, how can you love others? Love starts within, and you must be willing to fill yourself up by having a positive attitude about yourself. You are in charge of your own happiness; no one else is. We all go through relationships that make us, break us, or teach us a lesson. During the difficult times you don’t have to apologize for “who you are.” Don’t pour out positive energy for someone or something that drains your energy and time.

Stroia states, “I don’t know about you but I enjoy my life right now and I am enjoying the relationship I am building with myself. I have realized that I don’t need someone else to fulfill every single need and expectation I have in life because I can do that for myself.”

Turn the light bulb on. Don’t expect people to come into your life and make it A-okay because what happens when something doesn’t go your way or that person lets you down? If you don’t love yourself or know your value, you’ll be torn into pieces. Nobody likes being hurt and no one should ever have to experience that. Also, Why surround yourself around energy that will drain you? Christopher Washington, an aspiring  preacher, describes self-love as being confident. He states,“The epitome of being aware of your surroundings and having confidence in yourself. A belief system in your character. I wouldn’t place myself in a predicament or circumstance that will disambiguate who I am”.

Sometimes all it takes is that one breakup, that one incident, that changes your mindset from negative to positive. So go on, for now on, love yourself, feed your soul and start having a healthy relationship with YOU.