Brighten Finals Season with Some Ugly

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Published on December 6, 2016

Finals season is always a time of stress; everyone is cramming for their tests, staying up all night for those last minute projects, wondering what to take next semester, and let us not forget buying tons of gifts for the holidays. Why not lighten the mood with something silly or “ugly”?

Having an ugly sweater party will lighten up everyone’s mood and would be tons of fun. Just invite a few friends over and go crazy!

Ugly Sweater Parties are a holiday season staple. Everyone has either gotten a sweater from a family member in the past or has one laying around. Why not put it to use?

Everyone at the party can look up recipes from Tasty through Buzzfeed (Apple Cinnamon Sangria, anyone?) or on Pinterest and can bring the one they like best.

Activities can include decorating with cheap silly things from the dollar store or The Christmas Tree Shops and some holiday music. We all know at least one person with a holiday station on their Pandora (i.e. me). Have some holiday karaoke with that holiday station! Go classic with some old board games like Monopoly or the infamous Cards Against Humanity! There can even be some Secret Santa gifts (with like a $20 min).  Nothing too crazy just some good food with good company and some silly gifts.

The holidays are stressful for every student because it means buying gifts and cramming for finals all at once. Why not lighten the mood with something ugly :)