Research For Your Research

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Published on December 6, 2016

The modern student is granted access to more data than any other person in history. We have access to a number of libraries and the infamous Internet. Along with avenues only accessible to students, conducting research and finding information for papers should not be too difficult. However, that isn’t always the case. For a good chunk of students, they might go about things incorrectly.


Chris Isaiah is a General Studies major and had just finished a short paper a few weeks before this article was written. While writing his essay, Isaiah had used some traditional and easy to reach sources. “I used my textbook for my English class mostly,” he said. Along with his textbook, Isaiah used two articles he found online which discussed prose, narrative writing. Isaiah said he was more comfortable using Google to find information.

“Not the best idea…Not against it per se,” said Peter Everett, a teaching librarian here at HCC. “If it’s done properly.” Along with Curleen Elliott, Everett teaches certain classes about how to properly use their facilities and conduct research for assignments. While, yes, the library has a diverse collection of texts, Everett points out that there is also a database for student use. The database can be accessed at any time from a computer in the library and does not require student authorization. All information within it is reviewed and filtered to ensure accuracy.

Through the database, a student is able to sort and filter the information they need. The process is more reliable and speedier than searching on Google for something related to that category. In addition, a citation is quickly formed for a student’s cited sources.  

Another and newer tool the library is developing are Libguides. These are meant to assist and supplement additional sources for classes such as Human Services, English, and Business. So far the selection is limited yet it is expected to be built on and expanded. In order to access the Libguides, you need to visit the HCC Library homepage. From there you may use the guides freely along with E-books and Films on Demand.