Toad’s Place: An Amazing Place

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Published on December 6, 2016

Growing up, I thought that my high school years would include fun-filled weekends at concerts and parties with my friends. Man, was I wrong. For my friends and I who wanted to go out and dance, our ages held us back from going to a lot of venues in Connecticut. When I finally turned 18, I thought that would open more doors for me. However, almost all of the clubs and venues in the state were 21+. It was very irritating, considering we didn’t even want to drink (at the time), we just wanted to have a good time. That’s when we discovered Toad’s Place.

Toad’s Place is a concert venue and nightclub in New Haven. It’s an amazing place to go dance the night away. Most of their club nights at 18+ or 19+, but other concerts that they hold there range from “all ages” to 16+, etc. So many amazing artists have played there: U2, Nas, The Wu Tang Clan, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Felly, Badfish, Shakedown, and many more! More recent rappers and artists have played there too, such as Chris Webby, Young M.A., Lupe Fiasco, Post Malone, and Lil Yachty.

“I love getting dressed up with my girls and going to the Saturday Night College Nights. We always have the greatest time: the DJ’s really know what we want to listen to. I’m actually going to the DRAM concert this Thursday! I’m really excited!” says a Fairfield University student, Elizabeth Marrero (pictured in the bottom left corner).

Pictured are a few local friends and I at a few events at Toad's Place

Pictured are a few local friends and I at a few events at Toad’s Place

I have seen my favorite bands–The Front Bottoms and Modern Baseball–play there several times. There is absolutely no dress code for Toad’s, so wear whatever makes you feel amazing. I wouldn’t recommend wearing heels, since the floors tend to get a bit grimey due to sweat, dirty shoes, and spilled drinks, but again, wear what you’d like! They also hold Saturday Night College Dance Parties with a few DJ’s playing the best songs of today. If you bring your college ID, you get a $5 discount!

Toad’s Place is a great place to bring your friends, make new ones, and have an amazing time!