Escape The Darkness

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Published on December 7, 2016

As humans (most of us at least), we find ourselves getting sucked into negativity from time to time.  Here are some methods to think about to remain exuberant.

Everyone has those days where the most minuscule situation can set us off, and it can make us feel like the world is ending. After weeks, months, or even years pass, we look back and realize that the situation was blown out of proportion; it didn’t matter nearly as much as we thought it did. Instead of letting the problem get under your skin, take a step back and think, “Will this matter in ten years?”

If the answer is no, then there is no reason to let it bother you now.

Someone who is working their way towards the light.  Photo by Sax

Someone who is working their way towards the light. Photo by Sax

Another way we allow darkness to take over our lives is by comparing ourselves to another person. The assessment that is taken from this is typically completely biased, due to the fact that we only know small parts of others’ lives, and compare it to our whole life. We practically compare our worst traits to their best ones. Who cares if someone’s life seems perfect, and yours doesn’t. The reality of it is that the only parts of their life that you see are ones that they want you to, so it seems perfect because they made it out to be that way.

Comparisons are dangerous to the ego because they are never really accurate. The more we compare, the more negativity we allow in our lives.

Practice being a happier person, and try to live every day as if it is your last… because it might be. No one is immortal.  Do not waste the precious time we have on this earth dwelling on the darkness.