IMAGES: Much More Than Just Pictures

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Published on December 7, 2016

It’s the work we love to do, not the work we have to do, that should have the brightest lights and eagerest eyes fixed upon it. Though it may be in the infant stage, it’s not too early for our creative students to get excited about the rebirth of IMAGES, HCC’s literary magazine.

Professor of English Julie Kizershot is spearheading the project designed to have the independent works of students published in blog format.

Submissions are not limited to just poetry or stories. The aim is for the online magazine to be just as eclectic as the artists who will be filling it with content. Digital Art, poetry, short stories, paintings, reviews, photography, personal reflections, etc. will all be considered for inclusion. As all submissions are voluntary they will not be connected to any college course and consequently will not be graded.

Initially selections for publication will be made by Professor Kizershot.  “For now I am sole editor, but if the project takes off, which we hope it will, then [I will be] very open to student involvement…if it flies hopefully it can become a student project,” she said.

Andrew McCutcheon is a Paramedic Studies/Biology major, EMS Responder, and writer of short stories and music. “I think it’s a great idea. I am preparing to have a few things submitted soon. I have a large body of work in different forms of creative projects,” he said.
McCutcheon suggests that some sort of review/comment board should be available on the site so visitors could also contribute. “I wouldn’t mind peer review on creative work or feedback from someone who specializes in that particular genre of art. As long as the intellectual property is safe.”

IMAGES provides a platform for HCC students, current and possibly past, to showcase the talent that they have either hidden away or just have not had success promoting. About eligible submitters,  Kizershot said “The focus will be current students however I would be more than happy to include alumni. I think that would be inspirational.”

Like Andrew McCutcheon, student/worker/artist is probably a familiar self description for many of us here at HCC. Spare time is in short supply, so for those of us who spend those scattered minutes creating art; written, visual, or otherwise, IMAGES can help display that special something just might be considered timeless. The work that doesn’t feel like work is likely our best work, let it be seen.   

There is no deadline, and the submission process is ongoing, however the sooner pieces are presented for publication, the sooner the site will be active. All original work, as well as any questions about the process should be sent to [email protected]