No Need to Fast Forward

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Published on December 8, 2016

I know many of us get sick of everything on basic cable, between the commercials, crappy reality shows and more commercials it becomes hard to binge unless you DVR it. Besides, no one wants to start a series from the middle.
Since winter break is approaching and more free time could possibly be available for many of us, binge watching some new shows could brighten your day. Netflix has recently rolled out the gold carpet for us ladies and gentlemen with brand new original series, new documentaries, and stand up. Let’s face it the best part is that there are “no commercials” so there is no need to fast forward on your DVR or rush home.

A good deal of their shows will have you biting down on your fingers or giving that screaming at the television moment. For instance, one show will have you wondering where is the upside down and how did it get there? I’m sure if you watch the series of Stranger Things, you will be at the edge of your seat trying figure out where it is located.
Then, you have a show that focuses on the drug cartel and how it is developed in Columbia, and it tells one hell of a story of the Don himself, Pablo Escobar, which is called Narcos.
In addition, there is another original series called Containment. The show focuses on Atlanta, GA and this outbreak  of a virus that leaves the city divided, and under quarantine.
If you were to ask me, Netflix is killing the game right now. With all the original shows and short films that have been added, they also add series from the past that would intrigue you. If you have an account online then go check it out, and if you don’t, then do yourself a favor, go purchase one and thank me later.
Enjoy your Binge watching.
Peace, Love and Light