Out with the Old, Kylie is the New

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Published on December 8, 2016

For my girls out there, remember when you were in middle school and wanted to fit in so you would put on some red lipstick with some eyeliner on the waterline and mascara? Well, boy, have things changed. For many years now, makeup has been a trending topic all over the world, whether it is coming from celebrities, Instagram posts, tweets, or people walking around with what you call their “face on.”

Kylie Jenner has changed the game of makeup. Her makeup line Kylie Cosmetics is one of the top selling makeup lines worldwide. Kylie Cosmetics is only available online and it is in limited supply, but she restocks every week to keep her customers happy.

“Best products on earth. I use my lip kits every day since it stays on throughout the day when with other products I am scared of it wiping off and having to reapply 3 times every two hours,” says Molly McFarland, a theater major, applying her Koko K by Kylie.

Molly McFarland applying Koko K.  Photo by the author.

Molly McFarland applying Koko K. Photo by the author.

Kylie Cosmetics does not only sell lip products. She also sells eye shadow palettes, eyeliner, creme shadows, and makeup brushes.

“For a girl who loves makeup and invest all her money in it, Kylie products are where it’s at. I am obsessed with her eyeshadows because they are so easy to put on the eye and super pigmented,” says Gabriela Jarrin, a General Studies with Theater Arts concentration major.

People say that just because it is Kylie Jenner products, the hype is not worth it, but if you ask students around HCC like Molly, Gabriela, Gianni Sapienza, Crystal Rodriguez, Christina Rivera, and even Javier Segui, who buys these products for his girl friends, they think it is worth it.

Want makeup to last long and hard to take off throughout the day? Go on KylieCosmetics.com to buy all your make up needs.