Russian History Being Offered Again

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Published on December 11, 2016

Next semester, Russian history will be offered once again here at HCC. Anyone who is a history major or just interested in history should really check out this class. It’s always nice to learn about history from another country other than the United States, to get an understanding of how other countries came to be.

Robert Fabbri, a professor of history here at HCC, is teaching the course, and he is very excited to teach it again, as he previously taught it when it was offered years ago. I have spoken to a lot of students about this class and many of them did not know about it, so I think it’s important to inform people of their options when it comes to taking classes next semester. It’s also a good way for new students here to learn about a country that they may not have that much knowledge about.

The formal name of the course is Special Topics: from Ivan to Putin, and it will be taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:50 p.m. in Beacon Hall room 145. Also the course reference number of the class is 1821, for those of you who want to sign up.

Many students may be interested in taking a class like this as it will give an interesting perspective on Russian history through the eyes of people like Russian President Vladimir Putin. Fabbri also said that this course will get deep into the history of Russia in regards to their economy, way of life, and the way they negotiate deals with other countries.

As far as the credits go, if this is not a requirement for your major you can take it as an open elective and it’s worth 3 credits. This class will appeal to anyone who is a history or a political science major because of the topics that will be talked about in this course.